We advise on the following:

Residential Mortgages
This is when you raise mortgage for a property that is going to be your main home i.e. it is not an investment property.

Shared Ownership Mortgage
Even though Shared Ownership has been in existence for over 25 years there are still only a handful of mortgage lenders offering Shared Ownership mortgages. More importantly each lender has very different lending criteria especially when it comes to how much they will lend on different types of property and how much deposit they expect you to have. This is what we specialise in, hence our name “SO Mortgages” and we believe that we are ideally placed to source a mortgage for you in this niche sector of the market.

Help to Buy (Shared Equity Mortgages)
As with Shared Ownership there are a limited number of numbers that offer these mortgages. This is another area that we specialise in and where we can source the best deal for you!

Buy to Let Mortgages
If you want to buy an investment property to generate rental income than you need a Buy to let mortgage. These are typically taken on an interest only basis and the amount you can borrow is determined by the amount of rent that the property can generate rather than your annual income. We can advise you on whether to buy an investment property in your own name or via a Ltd Company, known as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which may have some tax benefits for you.

Let to Buy
Most people think they have to sell their old property in order to raise a deposit to buy a new home. However, in certain circumstances, we can help you to raise a substantial deposit from your old property to buy a new home with a brand new residential mortgage. Meanwhile your old property will be transferred onto a Buy to Let mortgage and will be let out to generate additional income for you!

Product Transfers
When you current fixed rate comes to an end; by default your current mortgage lender will move you on to their standard variable rate which could result in you paying substantially more interest each month! However we are able to approach your current lender on your behalf and negotiate a new deal with little or no fees to pay!

Just like you shop around for a new mobile phone tariff every couple years we can help you to shop around for the best mortgage deal each time your current product comes to an end. Gone are the days when borrowers stay with one lender for the life of the mortgage. We will move you around as many times as is necessary in order to minimise the term of your mortgage and reduce the amount of interest that you have to pay!

Further Advances
If you need to raise additional money to make home improvements (or in the case of Shared Ownership to buy more shares in your home) than we be able to get your current lender to lend you the money as a “top up loan.” The extra borrowing will come with its own terms and conditions but the monthly payment will be added to you existing mortgage payment so that you continue to make one monthly payment.